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City-Works is committed to building local, state-wide, and national partnerships to ensure the transformative and sustainable rebuilding of New Orleans. Through its projects, City-Works involves local and national experts while building coalitions between neighborhood organizations, public officials, non-profits, and other stakeholder organizations. As a result, City-Works has become a trusted resource for up-to-date rebuilding information, sustainable design and development best practices research, and technical design assistance and support. Orleans neighborhood and stakeholder organizations involved in the redevelopment process.
Citywide Organizational Gap-Analysis
As the City of New Orleans navigates the rebuilding process, new organizations, policies, and opportunities emerge daily. Throughout the process, City-Works has monitored the mission and progress of these many neighborhood, non-profit, and stakeholder organizations as they emerge to identify what work is being done in the city and to assess gaps where services are lacking. City-Works has been active with Unified New Orleans Plan Planning District and Citywide meetings, and continues to follow Unified Non-Profits, NORA, GNOF, AIA, Global Green, Horizon Initiative, DDD, LANO, PDLC, CPP, NPN, and CBNO/MAC meetings and activities.
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