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Until the City has the capacity to act on projects specified in planning processes over the last two years, neighborhoods organizations and non-profits are the primary stewards of planning documents and leaders of those development projects. City-Works is working to promote sustainable development best practices, models, and research so that they reach New Orleans neighborhood and stakeholder organizations involved in the redevelopment process.

City-Works Neighborhood Map
One of City-Works’ initial projects was the development of a visual map identifying the geographic location and contact information for hundreds of neighborhood organizations in the city. The project stemmed from the citywide need for grass roots efforts to access and inform the planning process. This map serves as a pivotal resource in enabling a planning process that is revolutionary in its insistence upon extensive citizen participation. City-Works has created an accompanying paper outlining our map process as well as recomendations for action. For more, see the paper HERE.

As a part of our recomendations for action, City-Works suggested the city look into an Office of Neighborhoods to improve lines of communication between the city and neighborhoods. For examples of other offices of neighborhoods around the country, click HERE.

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