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With its founding in the fall of 2005, City-Works filled a critical gap in the local effort to rebuild New Orleans after the devastating flood following Hurricane Katrina. To date, City-Works is the only non-profit in New Orleans with the capacity to provide technical assistance to neighborhoods and other stakeholder organizations as they navigate design and land use issues. City-Works’ membership roles and Board of Advisors include leaders in professional associations for architecture, urban planning, public policy, and sustainable building. Through these members, City-Works has access to expert analysis for any design or development problem.

City-Works has been awarded a grant by the American Institute of Architects to support an AIA Sustainable Design Assessment Team’s analysis of design solutions for South Claiborne Avenue. A team of international experts, assembled by AIA, will work to create realistic and sustainable strategies for building design, planning, and economic development for a vital commercial corridor and travel route that suffered catastrophic flooding after Katrina. The SDAT findings and recommendations will be used by the City of New Orleans’ Office of Recovery Management, City Councilwoman Stacy Head’s office, the City Planning Commission, and the Regional Planning Commission.

To aid the Office of Recovery Management in recruiting developers to locate in the South Claiborne Avenue Redevelopment Zone, AIA SDAT will also work to identify tools for land assembly as an alternative to eminent domain as well as to gather the needed demographic data to attract desired business. The findings of the AIA SDAT analysis are projected to guide more than a decade of development on South Claiborne Avenue. For the findings of the AIA SDAT team, click HERE.

City-Works continues its work with the AIA with another study of the Gentilly community in late 2008. The Gentilly team found a basic community need for better synergies and cohesion in addressing complex rebuilding issues in this part of New Orleans. Their recomendations and findings are HERE.

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