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Marshall Truehill, Jr.

Marshall Truehill, Jr. passed away on Christmas day, 2008. He was the Pastor of the First United Baptist Church in New Orleans and served as Moderator of the Total Community Action Faith Collaborative, a collaborative for social action. Marshall's life was dedicated to social action and giving, providing leadership and support for making New Orleans a better place to live.

In all that Marshall did, he worked for justice. He did so from a learned, studied and academic perspective, providing a leadership to the community that transcended boundries of race and class with a dignity that few in New Orleans have been able to emulate. Few in New Orleans moved as comfortably in as many circles as Marshall.

Dr. Truehill was a former Chairman of the City of New Orleans Planning Commission and a long-term advocate of Public Housing in New Orleans through his ministry and advocacy for the multi-family residents. Dr. Truehill also served the community on multiple boards and committees. He recently received his doctorate from the University of New Orleans in Urban Studies.

A copy of Marshall's dissertation entitled "The Capacity of the Black Protestant Church to Provide Social Ministry in Post-Katrina New Orleans" is HERE.

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