317 Burgundy Street

Suite 11
New Orleans, LA 70112

T 504-584-5100

City-Works communicates to a broad audience the importance of design in creating a vital and vibrant urban environment.  We have worked city-wide with neighborhood organizations, developers, and city officials, along with architects and planners, to help forge lines of communication, talk about the importance of good design, and do the work necessary to successfully and sustainably restore and rejuvenate the city we love.

Throughout the country, there are independent organizations that advocate for better cities, cities with safer streets, extensive greenways, inspiring architecture, thriving businesses, unique neighborhoods.  Many of these groups have had real success in improving their urban environment, including several that have suffered catastrophic events.  City-Works has embraced that model for the recovery here in New Orleans. 

Please help us work towards a greater New Orleans by becoming a member of City-Works.

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